Pre-Order Policy

Why should I Pre-Order with Prescribed Collectibles?

- If you pre-order items with us, your order will be prioritized when shipment arrives. Items will ship as it arrives in-stock, aside from any mishaps from the manufacturer. 

When will I be charged for Pre-Orders?

- You will be charged when you checkout for pre-order items. This assures you as priority when the item arrives. 

Can I cancel my order if it is a Pre-Order?

- Pre-Orders are final sale just like any other collectible on our site. Please be 100% positive if you are interested in pre-ordering any item. 

Are the dates accurate on Pre-Order items?

- We would love to have all the dates accurate, but in reality this is not always the case. Dates are given to us from the manufacturers. so if the date changes for any reason, we are beholden to the manufacturer.

What if I have an order with In-stock and Pre-Order items?

- We highly advise against this. We suggest collectors keep their in-stock order and pre-orders separate. We ship orders complete, and being that there is not specific timeline to arrival of pre-orders. Combined in-stock / pre-order items will not ship till all items are available to ship.

What happens if the manufacturer short-ships your orders?

- We do not have control over how the manufacturer handles distribution. If this happens and your order will be affected, we will contact you immediately to find a remedy of this situation. We will try our hardest to get you the item, but cannot guarantee anything if this specific situation occurs.

NOTE: By placing a pre-order with Prescribed Collectibles, you are agreeing to all the terms listed above.